Date Title Preached by
03/22/2020 Sun PM It’s Time to Say So Pastor Hogan
03/22/2020 Sun AM You Can Always Come Home Pastor Farr
03/15/2020 Sun Life is Fragile Pastor Farr
03/08/2020 Sun Prayer & Praise is a Godly Combination Pastor Hogan
03/01/2020 Sun Unlikely Hero Pastor Farr
02/23/2020 Sun As Wide as the Need Pastor Farr
02/16/2020 Sun A Faith That Works Pastor Farr
02/09/2020 Sun Availing Prayer Pastor Hogan
02/02/2020 Sun A New and Living Way Pastor Farr
01/26/2020 Sun The Whole Counsel with the Whole Person Pastor Farr
01/19/2020 Sun Sermon Pastor S.T. Janney
01/12/2020 Sun Juniper Tree Bro. Micah
01/05/2020 Sun Mountains Pastor Farr
12/29/2019 Sun Drop It and Forget It Pastor Hogan
12/22/2019 Sun The Gift Pastor Farr
12/15/2019 Sun “Why Sit We Here” Pastor Farr
12/08/2019 Sun Overboard For Jesus Pastor Hogan
12/01/2019 Sun 2 Timothy 3:15-17 Pastor Farr
11/24/2019 Sun Missionary Pastor Jim Showers
11/17/2019 Sun The Depths of Satan Pastor Farr
11/10/2019 Sun Sermon Pastor Farr
11/03/2019 Sun Have You Been Called Out Pastor Hogan
10/27/21/019 Sun I’m in the Army Now Pastor Farr
10/25/2019 Friday Revival 2019 Pastor Derek Farr
10/24/2019 Thurs Revival 2019 Pastor Derek Farr
10/23/2019 Wed Revival 2019 Bro. Cody Zorn
10/22/2019 Tues Revival 2019 Bro. Cody Zorn
10/21/2019 Mon Revival 2019 Bro. Cody Zorn
10/20/2019 Sun pm Revival 2019 Pastor S.T. Janney
10/20/2019 Sun am Revival 2019 Pastor S.T. Janney
10/13/2019 Sun After This Pastor Hogan
10/06/2019 Sun According to Your Faith Pastor Farr